Twitter Polls; A good Way to Gauge your Business

There is one fact about business; without customers it cannot thrive. The term customer is king was not just coined out of nowhere. It is important to understand the weight that this statement carries. The ripple effect is very clear. With customers, you get sales as a business, with sales you make revenues which get you profits. Without customers, you do not have anyone buying what you are offering meaning that you are not making any sales which eventually means no revenues and ultimately no profits. It is important that you take good care of your customers for your business to continue to grow. How is this achieved? You need it not only continuously meet your customers’ needs but you also need to satisfy them. The only way that you can do this is clearly understanding what they want and when they want it.

Research and development is a verycritical aspect of any business that is looking to grow. You need to be able to continuously tell the trends in the market. Trends change from day to day. People want this product today and want another one tomorrow. They want a product the way that it is today and tomorrow they want it differentiated in a certain way. The only way that you can have this information is if you constantly have your ears on the ground and you are listening to what the market is saying. It is true that conventional research and development is quite expensive and quite involving. It involves the use a lot of resources and effort that might be quite difficult for small businesses to manage. Not to worry though as you have twitter polls.

Twitter polls are a feature on twitter that are very effective in collecting information. This is a feature that was recently added but has greatly benefited a lot of people and can also benefit your business. Its structure is similar to that of the conventional opinion polls with the only difference being that it will not cost you a lot of time and resources to set up. It is a simple poll that you can set up on your twitter pages and its tallying is done automatically as people continue to participate in it. You thus continue to get results as the poll is going on.

The good thing is also that twitter has millions and millions of users thus you have a very good sample size to work with for your twitter polls. Another advantage that comes with these polls is the fact that people tend to be brutally honest on social media platforms thus you can get true and objective opinions. On these polls you can ask any and all questions that you need to find out about your business, the way it is being perceived in the market and the response that people are having towards your products and services. You can also find out what more people expect fromyou and what they would like you to change, improve on or introduce.

Benefits of Twitter Polls to Business Owners

Social media platforms have become a necessary component for the day to day running of business activities. Business organizations that have embraced the use of social media platforms effectively have enjoyed a great breakthrough in product exposure and marketing as well as getting real-time transparent insight into consumers’ preference. However, for a business to succeed, conducting market research on the product performance in the market is necessary. This helps to inform on whether certain strategies applied are working or even whether the consumer is satisfied with the product and services offered by a certain organization. Twitter polls come in handy at this juncture. It’s cheap, easy to use and a convenient way of getting real-time feedback from current and potential consumers.

One might ask, why twitter polls? Is it really effective research method? Getting information from consumers can be a bit hard. This is because people are more occupied by their activities today more than the past few years trying to cope up with the ever-escalating economic realities. Hence ruling out the traditional methods used for conducting market research. This avails a perfect opportunity for running polls that provide interactive feedback. Basically, twitter polling is just like the normal twitting the only difference is that below the body of the tweet is several voting options probably three to four. Anyone from Twitter can participate in this poll so it’s not restricted to followers only. Additionally, just like any other tweet, polls can be retweeted, shared replied to publicly and favorited hence increasing your brand popularity.

Is it difficult to use the polls? A Twitter poll is a brilliant tool on the Twitter platform basically designed for business organizations to interact with their consumers in real time. Small business owners are finding twitter polls quite useful in terms of getting an audience without having to spend a considerable amount money on this. The market insight that these polls provide especially within a short period can be a lot essential in evading threats as well as partaking viable business opportunities in time. This can be seen in small businesses that have grown by leaps and bounds within a very short time. All you need to do is get insight on how to attract people to participate in your poll tweet. This includes the use of humorous tweets on trending topics that drives back the audience to what your brand has to offer. Remember that twitter polls don’t have to be very research-focused.

Understanding the consumer in the industry and market that you are operating in is basically the foundation of a business that is on the success path.  Conducting polls is an easy way of doing this, it’s a way of letting your consumers know that their opinion on the product or services you are offering matters. The polls can range from one topic to another and can be conducted continuously, hence keeping you informed on what the consumer thinks of what you are offering. As a result, the insight gained would be impactful to the business in the long run.